9 Most Well Guarded Secrets about Elliptical Bikes

An elliptical machine can be a great way to get your heart rate up without as harsh of a jarring impact. This machine is used to burn calories and depending on an incline, setting, and tension you use, they can be used for increasing endurance, building strength and toning. While these cardio machines are a great way to burn some calories, people far too often use them incorrectly, or at least in a way that extensively reduces the effectiveness of their sweat session. Here are some of the secrets about an elliptical machine that will help you crank up your expenditure and help you get the most from your time at the gym. Choosing the best elliptical machines is foremost important thing.


    1. In elliptical machine increasing the resistance setting will increase the different muscles groups and increase your calories makes it less likely that you are using momentum. By increasing the incline setting you burn more calories in your and it will maintain your fit.
    2. The maximum intensity and resistance does not make your body effective for every body size. If you don’t have the leg lengths properly execute on the cycle of the foot pedal then you feel uncomforted in doing the exercise. Get more details here on Fitnesstep1.com.
    3. Using momentum to complete the motions means fewer calories burned, and you are allowing your body out of some of the work it ought to be doing. Make sure that you choose a resistance setting that forces your effort to be the driving force behind the entire motion of the pedals and then the momentum of your weight.
    4. Intervals of higher intensity can radically increase your elliptical calorie burn fully, and end up giving you a bit of momentary metabolic boost. When you momentarily bump your action rate up to an intensity that would be hard to sustain over extensive periods of time, it takes a while for your body to return to its original rate of expenditure.
    5. The elliptical machine is the easiest piece of tools to fit your body. Television and books can make a workout feel less monotonous but they can also damage you if they take up too much of your focus. While you doing the workout on the elliptical machine it seems to bore for an hour’s so you can hear music to entertain.
    6. Whenever you choosing elliptical that should utilize the upper body as well as the lower body, so that you workout gives the full benefits. Once you feel comfortable, move your arms towards your lower body in a similar motion to how you would if you were jogging.
    7. Set your eyes on an uneven estimate of a goal for virtually any of the measurements and gauges on the machine and you will likely find that you work harder throughout the length of your sweat session. It helps to keep your body in attention on your exercising and can also help to increase your intensity.
    8. The elliptical trainer produced extensively greater quadriceps utilization and greater hamstring and quadriceps coordination than any of the other modes of exercise. And they found that when you pedal backward on an elliptical, your quadriceps utilization skyrockets even more.  
    9. In an elliptical training that includes arm motion, chest, biceps, a shoulder, and triceps workout can be incorporated simultaneously into a lower-body cardiovascular workout. In addition, the upper posture on an elliptical trainer will use more of your core muscles, and if you go hands-free without using the railing on an indoor elliptical trainer, you can increase balance and posture training effects.


The elliptical machine has many secrets which reduce your weight and make your body fit. By following the above secrets you have many benefits to your heart and to your body health. The elliptical machine is an excellent tool for both fat loss and fitness to your body.

Ride a Bike, Get Paid!

Ever wanted to get paid to ride a bike and make a difference in the cycling community? Well you might be able to do just that! The Salt Lake Chamber is hiring a Greenbike Operations Technician and you might just be the perfect fit; check out the job description after the jump!g

From SLC Chamber:

“Provide operational support to ensure the success and expansion of the SLC Bike Share program. Working towards the short term goal of a successful and densely distributed SLC program while fostering and building support for the long-term goals of Utah’s first bike share program.

To ensure that the GREENbike system is functional for users and potential users, including presence of GREENbikes and docks as well as through cleanliness and flawless system operation.

To engage users and potential users of the GREENbike system.

Other duties as assigned and help with general Downtown Alliance activities as needed.

Friday-Tuesday 7 a.m.-10 a.m.
Wed., Thurs. 7 a.m.-10 a.m. and Sat., Sun. 2 p.m.-6 p.m.
(Hours may shift as a result of program needs)”

Interested? Apply here: Chamber Website
For more potential bike jobs, follow @BicycleJobs

Volunteer Opportunities This Week.

Check it out, there are a million ways to get involved in the cycling community in Salt Lake! Here is a small list of volunteer opportunities available through the Salt Lake City Bicycle Collective. Check out the list, after the jump!
First up, we’re in a museum! The Leonardo Center has invited us to do a a piece in their upcoming Green Revolution Exhibit for the Smithsonian Institute, we put something really fun together that illustrates the resourcefulness that goes into the bikes at our community shop. It’ll be open starting this Saturday, the 17th at Library Square.
Our Park Tool Class today is Suspension Systems with guest instructor Marcos Valdez, come in and learn the method behind suspension systems and how to rebuild a fork, starting at 6:00 sharp at the 2312 S. West Temple location.
If anyone’s interested helping lead a special workshop, some the Boy Scouts who successfully gathered bikes for us would like to come in, tune some of them up, and give them away at our shop this week. If anyone’s free to help teach them the basics of bike maintenance tonight after the class at 7:30-9:00 PM or on Wednesday between 10:00 and 2:00 please let us know by responding to this email.
Likewise, anyone interested in tabling at the Wells Fargo Green Team for us this Thursday let me know, we’ll be driving out to the event at 9:30 am, be there to 4:00, and should have a fun table: we’re going to have a simplified fix-a-flat competition and a leaderboard for fastest time and first-time flat fixers/ Come tell people why you love the Collective!

For Valet this week we have the Twilight Concert at Pioneer Park on Thursday, if you feel like gettin’ luda with Ludacris. Owen primarily needs help at the beginning of the concert, from 4:30-7:30, and after the headliner finishes, from 10:00-11:00. We’ll also be at the Downtown Farmer’s Market in Pioneer Park from 8:00-2:00 this Saturday, and the Beer Fest at the Gallivan Center from 12:30-9:00pm.  Let him know if you’re available at valet@bicyclecollective.org.

Finally, the Monthly Mystery Ride is throwing a very special event this Sunday, the 18th, with proceeds benefiting the Bicycle Collective: a Bicycle Block Party at an undisclosed location. To get there, a Children and Family-Friendly ride will be leaving the City/County building at 10:00 AM, to be joined by the Monthly Mystery Ride, which departs at 1:00 PM from the Masonic Temple (690 E. South Temple). The block party goes for families from 12-3pm and then adults only until 8:00. A $10 donation is encouraged, $20 for families.The block party will include a dunk tank, where local bike folk will be put on the chopping block (including yours truly), an inflatable gladiator arena, and a mechanical bull! Additionally We’ll be providing bicycle registrations on the spot for a dollar, there’ll be helmet fittings by the Bicycle Ambassadors, an infrastructure survey by Greenbike, and plenty of friends to see and ride with.

That, my friends, is a jam-packed week.

Upcoming Events for August 2013

Here is the rundown on all things bike for the month of August (yes I know it is a little late)! If you know of anything that needs to be added please either use the “Submit an Event” page or email Joergen. Events after jump

Cutthroat Beer Bash 2013 // Saturday 17 August at 7pm
Join the Cutthroat Racing team for some beers (or quite a few beers) at the State Room. Tickets range in price and get you into all the action including live music, giveaways, and a silent auction. Check out the Facebook Event for more information. Tickets available through the Facebook Event or on CTR’s website.

Empire Pass Ride // Saturday 24 August at 7am
Come and find out for yourself what makes the tough-man of the professional peleton Jens Voigt grimace in pain. August 24th at 7 am, an unorganized, ride at your own risk group is leaving The Hyatt at Canyons Resort and doing Empire pass. A perfect chance to ride a truly epic route with fellow roadies.

Heart of Darkness: The Fifth // Saturday 24 August at 2pm
This is the big one. SLC’s own, Heart of Darkness.
Spawned out of the depths of Satan’s own lair, Heart of Darkness doesn’t care about your triple butted frame, your months of training, and your silly electrolyte drink, the Heart of Darkness consumes all and show no mercy. $10 entry alleycat meeting at Capitol Hill. For more information visit H0D5’s website!

Party Cross! // Saturday 31 August at 7pm
Cyclocross is about having fun on your bike! It’s about beer hand-ups and whiskey shortcuts! This is the first in a series of grassroots cyclocross racing in O-town. We have the best cycling community around, so let’s party and race some bikes!

Exact course is secret. There will be no entry fee; however, a donation to the Ogden Bicycle Collective is appreciated.

Three races:
Beginner 20 minutes
Intermediate 30 minutes
Advanced 45 minutes

Parking available at the Miles Goodyear Sports complex. The event will require a short ride on the parkway from the parking lot. Racing begins around 7pm, but show up early to get your bearings!

Women’s Night Tonight!

Here’s a repost of an awesome photo essay about women’s night at the SLC Bicycle Collective! Every third Wednesday is Women’s night at the collective, which just-so-happens to be tonight!

We try not to get one-sided about any issue in the cycling community, but Women’s Wrench Night is something we stand behind. It is important to promote a safe space for women, and all people, to work on their bikes. Here are a few photos of a recent Women’s Night at the Salt Lake City Bike Collective.

Women’s Night is on the first and third Wednesday of every month from 5:30 pm till 9 pm, at the Collective’s headquarters at 2312 S West Temple. Women of all ages and gender orientations are welcome to volunteer to fix bikes or learn how to fix their own during Women’s Night. The Bicycle Collective is open to the public Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5:30 pm till 9 pm, and Saturdays from 12  to 7 pm.

More photos after the jump.

“I come to Women’s Night because I just love working on bikes” -Jodi Berrie

Emily Moroz helps Juli Huddelston adjust her seat height for a dialed in fit on her bike
. Emily said, “The first time I came to the collective it was all dies and I was super intimidated.
I love coming to Women’s Night because there are ladies of all ability.
It is important to have a safe space for women.”
Annette Bowman replacing the cassette on the rear wheel of her mountain bike
Hannah Oblock receives help from Jace Burbidge, the night manager for the Salt Lake Bike Collective.
Hanna said she came to Women’s Night “because I wanted to work on my bike.
Plus, I really like that there is a ladies night because it means more women will ride bikes.”
“I love volunteering at Women’s Night because this is where all the interesting people hang out.
This is where it is happening — twice a month.” -Anna Cordes
The Women of Women’s Night strike a pose to show their solidarity
with the Ovarian Psycos of LA, a women’s cycling brigade

The Bicycle Collective Presents the 2013 Bike Prom

Looking for a great excuse to get fancy? The Bicycle Collective has announced their 3rd annual Bike Prom!

The evening begins with an easy-paced pre-prom ride. Bring your bike and your fancy duds and meet up with all of your friends at the northeast corner of Liberty Park at 6:00pm. At 6:30, a couple hundred fine folks will join you for a ride through town, ending at Pierpont Place. There you can park your bike at the Bike Valet and head on in for dancing, drinks, pictures, and tons and tons of fun.
For all the details, check out the Facebook event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/531534560222262/, or you can go straight to http://bikeprom.com for tickets! All proceeds benefit the Bicycle Collective. Can’t wait to see you there!

Stolen bikes: Tim’s Ridley and two Specializeds, plus some wheels

Local cyclocross champ and magazine editor, Tim Akers, had three bikes and some wheels stolen from his building’s storage area today. Keep an eye out for them. Not pictured is a 2004 Specialized Allez. For more info, visit Tim’s Facebook page.

2012 Ridley Helium with Reynolds DV3K carbon clincher
wheels/Michlin Pro4 tires and a Rival build.
2012 Specialized CruX with Force build and Red shifters.

NEuvation C50 wheels glued up with Vitoria XG Tires.
Front wheel has a busted spoke.