What Factors to Consider Before Getting Dental Implants Done

Want to get the dental implant done? Well, not so difficult but not so easy as well.

A dental implant is an important and quite complex procedure for an individual suffering from a dental problem. So, for implantation, there are a few things which one must know about very clearly.

Here, we are going to share all the necessary details which you must know about if you are going for a dental implant.

Here we go!

What Is a Dental Implant?

Dental implant simply means the replacement of a missing tooth by an artificial one.

It is very difficult to deal with the void created by the missing tooth. In such cases, it is very difficult to chew, eat and brush. So, replacement of the missing tooth by an artificial one is very important. The artificial tooth is made up of titanium and bone-like ceramic materials. These components are very compatible with your jaw. Lower cost of dental implants make it a very popular option to replace damaged or missing teeth.

Dental Implants

According to the American Academy of Periodontology, there are two types of implants:

1. Endosteal implant
2. Subperiosteal implant

1. Endosteal Implant:

An endosteal implant is placed into the bone and it is the most common one. It is such a type of implant that is inserted into the tissue.

2. Subperiosteal Implant:

Subperiosteal implant is positioned on the bone for the patients who have the insufficient bone height or can’t wear traditional dentures.

Dental implantation is painless as you are given a mild dose of anaesthesia while placing the tooth. However, you may experience some swelling or pain afterwards.

Before placing the artificial tooth or the crown on the top of the implant, your dentist will wait two to six months. During this time osseointegration occurs, i.e., your bone and the implant fixture grow together.

Are You a Good Candidate for an Implant?

A person with healthy gums have sufficient bone to support an implant, it means you are in good general health. According to AAP, you are an ideal candidate for a dental implant.

A very important thing which should be kept in mind is that chronic illness like diabetes and leukaemia can be problematic for the healing process of the implant. According to the study of ADA, smoking can be very dangerous in such cases.


As we all know that every surgery comes with some of the other risks. So, just like all other surgeries, the dental implant also has some sort of risks.

The following risks can occur while dental implantation:

  • Infection at the implant site.
  • Nearby teeth or blood vessels may get damaged.
  • Nerve damage, which is very painful, numbness or tingling in your natural teeth, gums, teeth or chin.
  • Dental implant may also cause sinus problems.

Selecting Your New Artificial Teeth:

Once abutment is placed, it is very necessary for your gums to heal for one or two weeks before attaching an artificial tooth.

You and your dentist choose artificial teeth according to your requirement. Artificial teeth are either removable, fixed or a combination of both.

Removable: Removable teeth is similar to a conventional removable denture. It consists of an artificial white tooth surrounded by pink plastic gum. It is mounted on a metal frame that is attached to the implant abutment and it snaps securely into the place. You can easily remove it for daily cleaning.

Fixed: In this type of implantation, an artificial tooth is permanently cemented onto an individual implant abutment. As it is fixed, you cannot remove it for cleaning or while sleeping. This type of implantation is much compatible as well as convenient as the artificially replaced tooth is exactly similar to the original one.

Advantages of Implant:

  • Implants don’t slip or shift as they are as hard as the original teeth. It gives you the same stability and security as your natural teeth.
  • There is no any extra effort required for the implants as they are cleaned in the same way as your natural teeth are cleaned.
  • Implants are independent, i.e., they do not rely on the neighbouring tooth for support.
  • It prevents the shifting of the nearby teeth.

Final Words:

The objective behind this article was to create an interface between you and dental implant.

A dental implant is a very common issue in today’s time. So, before going for an implant it is very important for you to know about basic details and necessities of the implant.

We tried our best to give you all the important details about dental implant. If you still have any doubts or queries, feel free to contact and ask us. If you know anything else about the dental implant, definitely share with us. It will be very good to have a two-way conversation.

Hope the content must have helped you and now you go for dental implant without any fear.