tomTom Milar – Current Co-administrator  (tom at saltcycle dot org)
Co-administrator of SaltCycle, Tom has been a contributor and member of SaltCycle since 2007. Drawn into the cycling community by this very same blog, he was able to make friends at events by recognition of their authorship of posts and likewise. After a brief non-cycling hiatus as an LDS missionary, Tom returned in 2010 and began to be involved again in Salt Lake’s cycling scene. The torch was passed to Tom from Davey Davis, former Salt Laker and SaltCycle main man. Tom is 23 years old, attends the University of Utah, and works for Salt Lake City’s Transportation Division. He rides a silver Univega touring bike, a no name aluminum and carbon road bike, and a black and yellow Centurion fixed gear. You can choose some kickass road bike from these recommendations and start cycling right away.


Christy “Punkin Pants” Jens – Current Co-administrator  (christy at saltcycle dot org)
Christy Punkin Pants Jens has been riding her bike since her childhood in Japan. After being transplanted in Utah to study journalism at Utah State University, she found that paying people to fix her bike wasn’t as fulfilling as fixing it herself. She learned how to wrench while working at Aggie Blue Bikes, where she taught community bike classes and educated students and faculty at USU about the importance of bikes. She is a UBI certified mechanic and can be found fixing bikes and arguing the merits of fully rigid mountain bikes at Wasatch Touring. When she isn’t writing or wrenching she can be found cooking something vegetarian and delicious, or fighting for more bike advocacy in schools. If she isn’t doing any of the above she is probably out riding her bike, enjoying the diverse landscape of Utah.


Jessica Gilmore (relocated to Seattle)

In June of 2008 Jessica’s life changed for good when she bought (paying too much) her first bicycle as an adult, an old Sears Roebuck Freesprit that weighed at least 600 lbs (“I swear!”). She has come a long way since then and became an active member of the SLC bike community. Jessica loves riding in alleycats, sprints, and even the crazy winter rides or hill climb challenges our city can’t seem to get enough of. At the root of it all she simply loves riding bikes. For two summers she worked as a Jason’s Deli bike messenger and while finishing up her last semester of Architecture school she volunteered at the (U of U) SLC Bicycle Collective. Before she sold out to a “real job” in Seattle she spent her last few months in SLC working as a bike messenger at LMI and riding her black Surly Steamroller fixed gear or old blue-grey Univega road bike everywhere she went.


Joergen Trepp (relocated to Brooklyn)
Transplanted from the Midwest a few years back, Joergen took to the cycling scene in Salt Lake right out of the gate. After being brought into the fray during the craziness that was Don Giovanni, Joergen started throwing alleycats and helping the community along in any way he could. Also passionate about natural foods and local food movements he spends his spare time, sans bicycle, playing with soil, compost, and dreaming up different grey/rain water collection systems. Joergen rides a blue 1984 Univega touring rig and a racing tallbike currently on loan to his neighbor while he tours Western Europe and beyond.


Davey Davis (relocated to Brooklyn)
A journalist, creature of words, and a filmmaker, Davey wanders around trying to make himself useful, usually by bike. This includes delivering sandwiches to hungry lawyers in the noontime traffic of SLC or, currently, using his bike to chart the compact, confusing, and contested physical landscape of Palestine and Israel. Davey captained the revitalization of Saltcycle after its quiet year as a forum in 2009 and threw as many alleycats, gatherings, and film screenings as his heart desired. He rides a fairly retrogrouchy Salsa Casseroll, a fixed gear made by his buddy Lindsey, and an 80’s-mountain-bike-turned-tourer he picked up in Tel Aviv for 100 bucks.


Gary Hurst
Critics everywhere agree, “Gary’s the nicest mother*%&#$@ that will embarrass you on a steel bicycle while making it look easy.” He’ll also fix your bike for you after the race and sing about the whole experience in a way that makes you glad to be in the same state (of existence) as him. You can currently find him winning hearts and hill climbs near your local punk house.
Zed Bailey
Founder of in 2006, Zed has helped build communities since his arrival in Salt Lake City, Utah in 2002. Wanderlust has brought him back and forth between Salt Lake City and other cities, but will always has a soft spot in his chain ring heart for the City of Salt.
How he does it: Slug Magazine: The Rise, Fall, and Rebirth of SaltCycle.